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There’s more we can do to stop crime. In many places a majority of crimes are committed by a handful of repeat offenders. To stop the revolving door of repeat criminals arrested and immediately released back on the street Chris passed a law to ensure habitual criminals are kept behind bars.


In 2018 over 30 people were killed in Hawaii by drunk drivers. To deter this reckless behavior and save lives Chris passed a law to strengthen DUI penalties for repeat offenders. The new law substantially increases fines, adds years of automatic license revocation and helps send repeat drunk drivers to prison for up to five years to keep our roads safe.


To ensure murderers can’t use excuses to justify their crimes, in 2019 Chris passed a law that prohibits murderers from being considered for lesser sentences by claiming their victims were LGBT residents whose sexuality offends them. This defense, which has been used here in the past, can be used in Hawaii no more.

NEXT ISSUE: Ending Gun Violence

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