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Chris will always fight to protect the critical habitat and open green spaces that make our side of the island so special.


Saving The Ka Iwi Coast

Chris worked with community organizations and the Trust for Public Land to stop the development of tourist accommodations in the last wild area of unspoiled land on the Eastside and helped raise funding to preserve and protect these Ka Iwi Coast lands in perpetuity.


Protecting Kawainui Marsh

As plans unfolded that could allow commercial tour busses at Kawainui Marsh, Chris worked with the Department of Land and Natural Resources and secured a commitment to prevent commercial tour bus parking in the area. He was also able to help appropriate over $3 million for invasive species removal and habitat restoration.


Stopping The Degradation Of Kailua’s Offshore Islands

As unregulated commercial kayak rentals overwhelmed and threatened native bird habitats on Flat Island and the Mokuluas, Chris worked on behalf of our community to help adopt rules changes that limited the number of commercial kayaks that could land on the islands each day, and establish fees tourists pay for each landing to fund offshore island habitat restoration and enforcement.


Preventing Illegal Development Of Preservation Lands 

When new landowners began illegally clearing and grading steep hillside preservation areas without permits, Chris helped organize local residents to stop the work before it destabilized the terrain and caused rockfalls into the homes below.


Hamakua Marsh Restoration and Improvements

Chris spearheaded an effort that secured $1.5 million for a new project to restore and improve the Hamakua Marsh area. It will begin to restore wetland habitat, install predator fencing to keep feral animals away from endangered birds, and provide safer pedestrian connections between the Kawainui Marsh dike path and Hamakua Marsh wetlands.


Chris was born and raised in our community and has consistently fought to protect local neighborhoods, and will always help families in need.


Stopping A New Landfill Near Homes

When a new landfill was proposed next to homes in Keolu Hills, Chris organized the community and fought to site the facility elsewhere.


Addressing Dangerous Low-Flying Aircraft 

Following repeated incidents of military aircraft and commercial tour helicopters flying low over local homes, and multiple crashes in Kailua and Waimanalo, Chris worked with Marine Corps commanders to re-route aircraft and change flying hours. Chris also stood up for our community to hold commercial tour operators accountable resulting in some companies changing their tour policies. 


Redirecting Commercial Traffic Out Of Residential Neighborhoods

A new Wendy’s was proposed with a drive-through and parking lot emptying directly in front of homes onto a quiet residential street, creating traffic and safety issues for local families. Chris stood up on their behalf and secured funding to build a barrier preventing busy restaurant traffic from entering the neighborhood and endangering kids in the area.


Preventing Dangerous Activity In The Neighborhood

As outdoor fighting, excessive late-night noise, and questionable behavior spilled into a residential neighborhood next to a bar, Chris took action on behalf of local families and helped the business change its practices to prevent problems, allowing the bar and its neighbors to coexist.


Keeping Homes From Flooding

After incidents of flooding in a Waimanalo stream began to threaten dozens of homes, Chris worked to secure over $10 million to replace a bridge that was a bottleneck causing flooding during heavy rains.

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