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Hawaii can't recover from COVID19 by going back to over-dependence on tourism, endless traffic, and a rising cost of living. This is our chance to change everything and Chris is running for the Senate to help make it happen. Chris is a different kind of leader who doesn’t just talk about change, he actually gets the job done. Chris has consistently put the interests of people first while tackling difficult issues, taking on special interests, and challenging status quo politics in Hawaii. He has successfully worked across the aisle leading bipartisan coalitions, and passed dozens of bills to address Hawaii’s pressing challenges.

Chris has been the recipient of multiple national awards and has been recognized by both President Barack Obama and Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his work. But the only support that matters, Chris says, comes from the people in our community and most of all his younger niece and our next generation who will inherit the Hawaii we leave behind.


Setting Politics Aside to

do the Right Thing

Despite immense pressure from special interests or the powers that be, Chris has never been afraid .... 

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Reducing the Cost of Living and Building a Just Economy

Hawaii’s growing cost of living and economic inequality must be addressed....

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Holding Special

Interests Accountable

Chris has never been afraid to hold special interests accountable for their actions....

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Addressing Clean Energy

and Climate Change

Hawaii is already facing eroding beaches, a diminishing fresh water supply, and growing hurricane...

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Diversifying our Economy

and Creating New Jobs

Chris has been successful helping to seed and build new economic drivers and creating new jobs....

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Protecting Our


In Hawaii, our environment is our economy, and Chris has fought to protect....

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Fighting Discrimination

and Ensuring Equality

Chris has always been a champion for LGBT rights because all citizens deserve the same benefits....

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Ending the Corrosive Influence of Money in Politics

Expanding access to voting and empowering people to choose our leaders and hold them accountable....

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There’s more we can do to stop crime. In many places a majority of crimes are committed by a handful of repeat....

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Gun Violence

There are more than 30,000 gun-related deaths in the United States each year and Americans are ten....

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Police and Criminal

Justice Reform


Prioritizing Education and

Fixing our Schools

Chris believes a solid education is every child’s right. We must improve our schools....

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Protecting Retirees and Ensuring Affordable Healthcare

As growing economic inequality continues to leave more Americans working harder but earning less....

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Supporting Equal Rights

for Women

Chris has always supported action to ensure that women have every opportunity available to men....

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Expanding Local Agriculture and

Food Production

Hawaii imports nearly 80 percent of our food. Growing food locally instead of importing it....

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