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Hawaii imports nearly 80 percent of our food. Growing food locally instead of importing it can keep over a billion dollars in our local economy and transform old plantation agriculture into a thriving network of small farms producing local food, creating sustainable jobs for our next generation. A graduate of Class 13 of the Hawaii Agricultural Leadership Program, Chris worked with local farmers to write and pass the nation’s first tax credits to help farmers with up to $50,000 in assistance to grow local organic food


He also passed bills creating a grant program to subsidize the cost for farmers to acquire fresh compost, bills to help farmers reduce their cost of energy, programs to create compost and food production at public schools, and legislation to help increase the market for local produce. Chris secured $40,000 to help establish the Waimanalo Coop, creating a food hub for local farmers to distribute food to our community. And, he secured millions to fix and upgrade the Waimanalo irrigation system to increase water to local farms.

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