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Chris has always supported action to ensure that women have every opportunity available to men, beginning with equal pay for equal work at any job. He passed a law prohibiting employers from firing or discriminating against female employees who choose to become pregnant, use contraception, or make any other personal reproductive decision. 


He helped lead negotiations and passed legislation to protect victims of domestic violence from pressuring victims with retaliatory temporary restraining orders by their abusers, and prohibit assailants from forcing women to sign non-disclosure agreements to keep cases of sexual assault secret.


Chris passed legislation that launched an investigation of people soliciting and selling sexually explicit videos of any person a buyer wants, created using “deep fake” technology that renders real women’s faces onto other people’s bodies without their consent. Chris has led the fight to outlaw the practice.


Chris has championed access to emergency contraception in the emergency room for victims of sexual assault, and stood against attacks on a women’s right to choose, the loss of which has been proven in other states to cost additional lives by driving women toward dangerous black market medical procedures. He has introduced and championed legislation to prevent crisis pregnancy centers from distributing false medical information to the public which has needlessly endangered lives.


In 2019 Chris passed legislation supporting the effort to place the first woman, Harriet Tubman, on US Currency

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