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We're creating a new hemp industry in Hawaii. The Governor just signed our bill I cosponsored into law.

HB1819 legalizes the growing, processing, and sale of industrial hemp in Hawai‘i. Hemp is an amazing crop that can create over 25,000 products. This big step forward will help local farmers develop a new cottage industry with Hawai‘i branding that can be recognized and exported. It will help diversify and expand our economy, especially now in the midst of this crisis. We're going to have a lot more work to do to help small farmers lead the way and compete with their own brands, but this is a big first step. This was me, Representative Cynthia Theilen, and Senator Laura Thielen breaking ground to help plant the very first hemp seeds in Waimanalo. The incredible success of this pilot project helped lead to the passage of this bill, and will lead to incredible new opportunities for local farmers in the months and years to come. HB1819 was signed into law as Act 14 on August 27.


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